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This particular set doesn’t make the rounds on Tumblr much, probably because it’s a bit darker in tone - I think it drives the point home a lot better. 

The white one is so irrelevant. I can’t breath.

Really? So I guess the rampant poverty and disrespect held towards white people in the South is nothing? You don’t think you’d be affected at all if your entire life you were told you were stupid, inbred, uneducated, and bigoted, simply because of your geographic location and skin color? Not at all? Of course. This is why people in the South are so successful right? Poverty in the South affects black people and white people, largely because A) it’s seen as a huge political target so the goal of many political groups is to keep those people in the dark, just to win points during election seasons and B) because the nation sees that area as 100% backwards so doesn’t tend to lend any help or sympathy to the people there. 

I have seen people on this very site who live in the South, who are very progressive people, who have to put up with so many stereotypes and false accusations simply because they are white and live in the South. Can you imagine for a second, people assuming that because you have a Southern drawl and light skin that you obviously must be a terrible person? A bigot? No one wants to be a bigot (maybe not no one - anyone who gleefully accepts the title is worth talking to in any case). It’s an insult. So especially if you live your life trying to make the world a better place, only to be constantly dragged down because of the color of your skin and because of where you grew up, it does have a large effect. And it is hurtful. 

Don’t comment on what another person goes through if you haven’t yourself gone through it. I grew up in the Valley, in California. But the other half of my family is from the South, many from the deep South. I have an affinity there. And I know that family is accepting - they are not anti-gay, they are not racist, but when they visit they get odd looks. People look at them and listen to them like they’re from another planet, because of their accent. People who don’t jump to judgement just find it “adorable”, thinking of the way they talk as a novelty. 

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. Because it’s the same thing that happens to plenty of other groups.

But it goes completely untalked about. Because of people, like yourself, who just don’t think it’s a big deal. So fine. Let’s talk about some other cultures unrepresented here. The Irish have an entire holiday in the United States dedicated to making a mockery of their culture, which has historically been trodden on by many other groups. The stigmatization of the Irish in this country is so bad, they’re treated more as mythical creatures than as actual human beings. How about Russians? You wanna talk about stigma - they may not get the costumes (though I’m sure they do) but having grown up in an area with a lot of Russian immigrants, I’ve seen my fair share of people tormenting and judging them - I can’t imagine what it would be like to grow up as a Russian immigrant in a country who treats them as the second favorite target after Middle Easterners and Muslims. How about non-Israeli Jews? Largely discluded from POC groups on Tumblr, despite having a heritage in the Middle East. They tend to be successful, but only at the cost of being seen as walking stereotypes and one of the biggest victims of racism in this country. 

And you honest to god think that not a single person in any of these groups is at all effected? Or that that effect is somehow lesser? Nope. It’s probably about the same. In certain situations, it can even be worse. But we don’t talk about them. You can find commentary anywhere about racism towards black Americans, towards Latin@s, not as much towards Middle Easterners (because like Jews, they often get discluded from the POC groups). That is what is talked about. And isn’t it strange? We always talk about how we shouldn’t “other” groups and yet, in discussions of stereotypes, stigma, and prejudice, talking about “white” groups is “irrelevant”. Almost like…it’s the norm? Is that what you’re trying to say? That whiteness is clearly absolutely normative, so normative in fact that there is no variation? When you disclude white people from this discussion, you’re pretty much saying that “Yes all these other people aren’t the norm, so they need to be talked about”. 

But it’s not. Like with any group on the face of the planet, white people vary significantly not just in appearance but language, dialect, behavior, and yes, culture. And also like any group on the face of the planet, when one group of white people declare something the norm, it isn’t just discluding non-white people, it’s discluding any white people who don’t fit neatly into that box. That’s why Ireland was almost wiped off the face of the planet. That’s why Jews are so heavily targeted even by white supremacist groups. That’s why Russians are seen as communist bigots by default. That’s why people see Southerners either as cartoons or racists without acknowledging that those are stereotypes. 

And it does affect those people. The fact that this poster exists means it has effected someone. 

I know it doesn’t match up to your worldview. But there has to be an understanding of how narrow that cultural box of “normative” is in the U.S. because it is not just “white”. That’s not enough. You have to talk the right way. You have to think the right way. You have to behave the right way. Lemme give you an anecdote. In my cross-cultural psychology class, my professor had the entire class participate in the Twenty Statements Test. This was made to determine whether a person is more individualistic or collectivist, and for the most part, the cultural variations were universal. People in Asian and African countries tended to be more collectivist, wherein people viewed themselves as a part of the group, and defined themselves by who they were in their community. Whereas the people in Western countries defined themselves by their personal characteristics. And that held true for my class. Except for me. And I was terrified, before the professor explained all this, that I had done something wrong. Because I have been taught, thanks to people like yourself, thanks to a curriculum which sees “white” as a generalizable term, that I have to be a certain way. And if I deviate from that, I get scared. I think there’s something wrong with me. Can you imagine that? I’m sure you can. Now imagine that simultaneously, you’re also told you’re a horrible person by default, just because of your skin color. Not only are you not “white” enough to fit into this very strict definition, because you talk different, because you act different, because your culture is different, but you’re also too “white” to fit in anywhere else, because your ancestors are dicks, because you “don’t understand other cultures”.

But no one understand those cultures either. A person makes an uninformed statement about non-white cultures, people are quick to correct them. A person makes an uninformed statement about white cultures, no correction. In fact, on Tumblr, to correct such a statement means you must be a supremacist or a racist or something like that. 

I think we need an understanding here. The vast majority of white people, everywhere, are poor, are different, don’t fit in that box - that box that is set by an elite who most white people will never ever reach. And they might get more tangible “privileges” because they happen to be white, but then they lose tangible privileges because of their accent, their class, their language, their culture. And they lose social privileges, of course. You know why so many white people on Tumblr get mad when people say lets kill all white people? All white people are racist? White people suck? White people are all bigots? Because we white people get told, constantly, our entire childhoods, at least where I grew up, about what our ancestors did. And we get told constantly how horrible it was. And the last thing we want to be is like that. So for some people like me, especially because I was different, because my culture was different, we try really hard to be as little like that as possible. We try. So when we get online and see that, it’s like a punch in the stomach. Imagine being told your entire life you amount to nothing, that you’re a monster, just because of your ancestry, and trying so hard not to be like that, but constantly being told that no matter what you do, you will always be like that. Can you? I bet you can. And I bet you never for a second thought there was a single white person who felt like that, because like I said before, no one talks about that. And why? We’ve established pretty clearly that we can talk about multiple things. Talking about representation of women in video games doesn’t take away from talking about sex slavery. Talking about casual racism doesn’t take away from talking about violent racism. So why does that one poster in any way negate the rest? How does accepting the stigma that white groups go through in any way negate talking about what POC groups go through? It doesn’t.

In fact I think it makes the discussion more effective. The reason racism exists is because of othering. Because we see groups as not like us. That’s how it starts. It continues when, even when trying to battle that stigma, you still other. Only talking about POC groups in this discussion, is othering. It’s reinforcing a false norm. You honestly think that’ll help? The reason I study culture, the reason why I felt guilty when I was young, the reason why I have made an effort to try and be as accepting as possible, in everything I do - that stems from the fact that I realized I was different. A long time ago. Before I even came out of the closet, because of the environment I grew up in which was so unlike all the other kids around me. I realized I was different. I realized how it hurt me. How I felt going to school, being a target for those differences. That’s what starts empathy, the opposite of racism in every way. Don’t you think that pointing out where white people go through this, where white groups are stigmatized, that they share similarities to the stigma other groups face, that a lot of white people won’t look at that and relate? When you can relate a situation to something you experience, you empathize with it more. It doesn’t seem so different. It doesn’t seem so “othered”. That’s how you battle it.

So no, it’s not irrelevant. It’s incredibly relevant. 

Hi, I’m a white person whose mother is from the South, and I’m proud of the fact. No, we’re not racist homophobes. (We hate everyone.) I got so much crap in high school (ironically in an area with a lot of people whose ancestors came from Kentucky). I’ve actually been asked if I owned slaves. That’s been four years and I still don’t know where to begin with that.

Hello. I’m from Texas and I cannot tell you how many times I have been laughed at for my accent or how people from up north have asked if I ride horses to school instead of using technology. People accuse us southerners of being assholes and racists and homophobes, especially in Texas, and it makes me sick. So please stop.

" but it has a white male in the picture they can never do anything right and southern culture doesn’t exist" - every sjw ever. 

boo hoo y’all get made fun of for stereotypes so do a lot of people the difference is poc racial stereotypes are actually killing people

Lmao only reblogging for the last comment. 

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little girls between 6 and 13 years-old dressed as pretty pink princesses drop F-bombs to draw attention to society’s continued sexism


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Bae: wanna get something to eat?

Me: I’m broke shawd

Bae: it’s okay I got you



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If women catcalled men (X)

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Black girls who talk shit about natural hair






Don’t make me pour a bucket of water on you and remind you where you came from.




DO IT. I’ll be right there behind you GRINNING!

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im laughing so hard you’re so fucking stupid

Proof that people behind anon-hate are nothing but fucking cowards. So the next time an anon sends you hate, just remember this post and know you’re so much better than they are.

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The Moon and the Sun could eclipse a thousand times over and there still wouldn’t be enough shade to encompass how deep this went.


The Moon and the Sun could eclipse a thousand times over and there still wouldn’t be enough shade to encompass how deep this went.

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this is my sisters contacts

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